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Smoothies for IBS: The Best Smoothie Combos for Those With IBS

Home Treatment for IBS

Strawberries and blackberries may trigger the colon of those with IBS. Other foods may have the same effect on the colon. So how does one get in healthy fruits and vegetables into the diet without causing an IBS attack? You can do it with healing smoothies. The main key for this home treatment for IBS is to create smoothies with the foods that don’t upset your colon. For example, if strawberries and blackberries upset you and cause...

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Living With IBS

7 Lifestyle Changes to Help You Cope With IBS

IBS is frustrating, but fortunately there are many lifestyle changes you can make to help you manage your symptoms to make living with IBS more comfortable.
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Improve Symptoms With the FODMAP Diet for IBS

Improve Symptoms With the FODMAP Diet for IBS

The FODMAP diet for IBS is aimed at limiting certain carbohydrates known to cause discomfort for IBS sufferers. Is this diet right for you?
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IBS Safe Foods

Finding the Best Foods for IBS

A great way to prepare a healthy meal that won't trigger your IBS is to incorporate all of these best foods for IBS into a salad.
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Healthy Soups for IBS

Healthy Soups for IBS

Healthy soups are filled with nutrients the body needs to heal and function. Let's figure out what veggies and proteins are best for someone with IBS!
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Anti-Inflammatory Plants

Anti-Inflammatory Plants

Did you know there are a lot of anti-diarrhea and anti-inflammatory plants? Here are the plants to include in your garden to reduce IBS symptoms!
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Home Treatment for IBS

Smoothies for IBS

How does one eat healthy foods without causing an IBS attack? The main key for this home treatment for IBS is to create smoothies with the foods that..
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IBS at Work

IBS at Work

While frequent trips to the bathroom due to IBS can be overwhelming, there are some excellent coping techniques you can use to better manage IBS at work.
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Managing IBS by Eliminating Parasites

Parasites and IBS

A story from one of my patients: she started taking the diatomaceous earth and noticed that there were some odd clear parasites in her stool.
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Calming IBS Symptoms

Calming Your IBS

Would you like to find ways to calm your gut without medications? There are more natural ways to pamper your colon without the harsh prescription drugs.
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Eating at Restaurants with Ibs

Eating out at Restaurants

A person with IBS can eat at restaurants without worrying about symptoms ruining the occasion. There are a few things to consider and plan for.
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