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IBS and Headaches: Research Uncovers an Important Link

IBS and Headaches

If you find your head and intestines seem to team up against you, rest assured you’re certainly not alone. Headaches are not only common, but they affect the majority of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients, and a significant percentage also experience migraines alongside their IBS. In the past decade, more attention has turned to the apparent relationship between headaches and gastrointestinal problems, and research has uncovered an undeniable link. Confirming that link between the two painful...

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Stress and IBS

How Much Do You Know About Stress and IBS?

Everyone deals with stress at some point in their life, but did you know it can make IBS worse? Learn more about stress and IBS and how it affects you.
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Alcohol and IBS

Alcohol and IBS

Alcohol and IBS go hand-in-hand. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages often throughout the week, it may be causing you to have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
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