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I was a victim of an abusive marriage. About 13 years ago was told by my nurse practicioner that I had IBS. Back then it didn't really cause any problems. I have been out of the abuse since '07 and remarried May 2015 very happily. We dated for 6 years and he is the absolute perfect man for me. He is awesome. But up until recently I had a way to deal with my severe constipation. I was using that activia yogurt daily and grape juice when i needed extra help from the constipation. The last 8 months or so though Now for some strange reason my cure all things don't work. i am disabled with Multiple sclerosis not medicated in any way. I am on a the Swank diet for m.s. My attacks have been excruciating I don't suffer with the diahrrea which I would absolutely love sometimes. But with my m.s. I can't really exercise much. With the constipation issue it is extremely hard to figure out myself what I can and cannot eat.HELP ME PLEASE. I am not on any medications for anything so don't tell me to go to the doctor and get put on a bunch of meds. I need other help.I was working till 3 years ago because of my m.s. I was having a flairup and finally got myself feeling better and my husband made chicken fahitas for me and I found out I can and will not ever eat one because I finally git myself cleaned out the fahitas put me in major severe pain I have to go to the doctor get some pain pills be cause I didn't think I was gonna make it. I was this close to going to the hospital

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